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Greece is second in unemployment in the EU

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in the euro area stood at 6,8% in March, from 6,9% in February 2022 and against 8,2% in March 2021.
According to data released by Eurostat, the unemployment rate in the EU was 6,2% in March, from 6,3% in February 2022 and compared to 7,5% in March 2021.
Greece records the second highest percentage in the EU, 12,9% from 12,8% in February and 16,8% in the corresponding month of last year. Unemployment is Spain with 13,5%.
Eurostat estimates that 13,374 million men and women in the EU, of which 11,274 million in the euro area, were unemployed in March 2022. Compared to February 2022, the number of unemployed fell by 85.000 in the EU and by 76.000 in euro area. Compared to March 2021, unemployment fell by 2,359
million in the EU and 1,931 million in the euro area.
Unemployment among young people
In March 2022, 2,579 million young people (under 25) were unemployed in the EU, of which 2,098 million were in the euro area. In March 2022, the youth unemployment rate was 13,9% in both the EU and the euro area, up from 14,0% in both regions last month. Compared to March 2021, youth unemployment fell by 623.000 in the EU and by 507.000 in the euro area.
In this category, too, Greece records the second worst performance with a rate of 27,2%, from 30,8% a month ago and 41,9% in the corresponding month of 2021.
Spain is first again with 29,6%.
Unemployment by gender
In March 2022, the unemployment rate for women was 6,6% in the EU, stable compared to February 2022. The unemployment rate for men was 5,9% in March 2022, from 6,0% in February 2022. In the euro area, the unemployment rate for women fell from 7,3% in February 2022 to 7,2% in March 2022, while in
Unemployment rate for men remained stable at 6,5% in March 2022.
In our country, however, the highest percentage of unemployed women is recorded, 16,3%, followed by Spain with 15,3%.
Source: ΟΤ