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The Skopelos - Loutraki line is in the air

About five o'clock at the start of the tourist season on the island - There is a bus, which can not be used, without permission 
In the "air" at about five o'clock at the beginning of the tourist season on the island is the line Skopelos - Loutraki, which is served to move visitors to the island to the beaches by bus. The municipality has only one bus but it can not use it since it does not have transport permits!
It will have to ask the district to grant the municipality the two licenses it had in the past and then proceed to a tender for their granting to individuals who will take over the operation of the barren line, as decided at the municipal council meeting shortly before Easter .
According to the law, on islands with a population of less than 10.000 inhabitants, which have barren lines for which no deed of concession of their transport work has been issued, it is possible for the municipalities or municipal enterprises to undertake the work of minibus transport with their own or rented buses. aged up to 27 years. It is also possible to outsource the transport work to third parties.
The issue was brought to the municipal council by the mayor, Stamatis Perissis, who stated that the municipality fought to change the legal framework and give it the opportunity to use the transport permits on the island. "At the moment, the island does not have transport permits. There is a bus that the municipality can not use. The legislative regulation has been made, and we can take back the two permits we had ", he stressed, proposing at the same time the decision to grant the transport project to individuals or a group of individuals.
The municipal authority was severely criticized by opposition councilors. An economic and technical report was requested in order to ascertain the conditions for granting the permits to individuals. "You have not done what you owe for two months and you come at the last minute and ask for approval," he said, adding that advisers also called for central planning for the transport regime and for routes to be safe, adequate and economical.
The council decided to outsource the micro-transport project to individuals. A call for expressions of interest will be issued and conditions will be drawn up for approval by the Economic Committee. Earlier, however, the municipality must request the return of the two permits from the region and as it was emphasized, it will give a speed race to catch up.