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'PASOK - Movement for Change' the new name

More than 170.000 members participated in the PASOK-KINAL internal party elections. The vast majority of voters - perhaps more than 90% - chose the "PASOK-MOVEMENT OF CHANGE" for a new name of the party.

The party president, Nikos Androulakis, expressed his full satisfaction for the large turnout at the polls late at night.
"Your shocking participation strengthened the hope that was born in December. "I thank the more than 170 thousand members, who gave a potential presence, taking the future of the party in their hands", said Mr. Androulakis and announced that "the citizens decided: Our symbol, the sun, is back. "Together with the memories of a historical faction, which was identified with the struggles of our people for democracy, social justice and national dignity."
The president of PASOK-KINAL, which apparently will now be the official name of the party, stressed that "expectations have returned that the Democratic Party will return again, together with the forces of the Greek social democracy, the renewal left and the ecology movements, the voice of creative Greece. Greece of progress, solidarity and development. The voice of the Greeks, who are anxious for a better future, seeking transparency and meritocracy ".
Also note the voice of the younger generations who are fighting for more opportunities in their lives.
"We are building day by day a new relationship of trust with the Greek people in every field of the great challenges of our time," he said, expressing optimism for the crucial social and political battles that lie ahead.
"We are moving forward with PASOK-Movement for Change. Together we will succeed. "Together we will win", concluded Nikos Androulakis.