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The structures are bare

The anxiety of the health workers, doctors and nurses hits red, especially in the Health Centers of the Northern Sporades, as the summer is approaching, the tourist season is just around the corner and as the Health Centers on the three islands point out, they are understaffed and without the necessary equipment.

"We have pointed out many times that the structures of primary health care have been stripped of staff, while there is also not the necessary equipment to serve all the insured. The problem becomes even more acute as we gradually enter the tourist season. "The Health Centers of the island of Magnesia are facing serious shortages", the president of the workers' association, Giannis Gatis, told TACHIDROMOS.




Indicatively, it is mentioned that there is not even a radiologist at the Skopelos Health Center. Whatever happens, the patient should go either to a private center, which operates in the summer on the island, or to the Skiathos Health Center. The paradox is that last September a radiologist was hired at the structure, but he never got a job because he was unvaccinated. Although he had secured the position, he did not accept to be vaccinated to join the NSS and thus remains out of work, due to the law of obligation. The resulting gap has not been filled to date, resulting in serious malfunctions in the operation of the Health Center. The Ministry of Health had announced that the gaps created due to unvaccinated colleagues would be filled. However, this did not happen and it is mainly paid by the insured ", Mr. Gatis remarked in this direction, estimating that if a solution is not found, the summer will be difficult for the islanders, but also for the hundreds of visitors.

Deficiencies are also observed in the Regional Clinic of Alonissos, where, as in the other clinics of this type in land Magnesia, the operation of the structures is mainly based on agricultural or general practitioners B ', with the trade unionists pointing out that they should have already been launched. recruitment of permanent staff in view of the season.

"Agathi" are also the uncovered shifts in the ambulance crews on the islands, as well as in the structures almost all over the land of Magnesia, but also the lack of basic specialties, such as pediatricians and cardiologists, dentists.

In many Health Centers there is very expensive equipment to operate for example dental clinics and microbiological laboratories, but there are no doctors and manufacturers.

The specialties are foreseen in the organization chart, but have not been activated in their entirety.