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Gasoline in Alonissos exceeded 2,5 euros per liter

In the four regions of Greece with the most expensive gasoline is Alonissos, where the price of unleaded "flew" yesterday over 2,5 euros per liter.
Alonissos came in fourth place the day before yesterday with the average price of plain unleaded at 2,528 euros per liter, after Patmos with 2,619 euros per liter, Amorgos with 2,600 euros per liter and Fourni with 2,577 euros per liter.
Yesterday, the price of gasoline on the island went up even more and reached up to 2,582 euros per liter. "I never remember such prices on the island," said Mayor Petros Vafinis about the rally in rising fuel prices, which is expected to continue in the summer.
On the island, fuel is more expensive over time due to transportation costs. With the average price of unleaded at 2,179 euros per liter, gasoline on the island "flew" over 2,5 euros per liter.
"Every week with ten days we have a new order. And every time we buy more and more expensive "say gas station owners on the island who are constantly changing the prices of fuel.
In Alonissos, the price of gasoline is more expensive than both Skopelos and Skiathos. Yesterday, in Skopelos gasoline was sold at 2,399 to 2,485 euros per liter and in Skiathos to 2,435 to 2,440 euros per liter.
In fact, the prices went up compared to the previous week, when, based on the pricing of the Commerce Department of the Regional Unit of Magnesia, they ranged from 2,385 (on April 28) to 2,410 (on May 8).
The price of unleaded yesterday in Volos ranged from 2,069 to 2,399 euros per liter, in Zagora from 2,230 to 2,250 euros per liter and in Argalasti from 2,259 to 2,379 euros per liter.