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Recruitment for fire protection in Skopelos & Alonissos

In Alonissos and Skopelos with four-month contracts - How many positions will be filled - What are the supporting documents

The Municipality of Alonissos will proceed with ten recruitments to cover fire protection needs with employment contracts lasting four months.

The positions that will be filled are of specialty workers of general duties HR (six), drivers of cars of category DE (two) and operators of project machines of category DE (two).

The applications and all the supporting documents are submitted until next Thursday, May 19, at the municipal store-protocol office on working days and hours.

The interested parties must submit the following supporting documents together with their application:

- Photocopy of both sides of their police ID.

Degree where required.

- License to practice or other professional license or certificate of registration (where required). Please note that all professional licenses must be valid at the time of application.

-Responsible statement that they do not have a barrier to employment in the public sector within twelve months.

-Certificate of marital status.

Certificate of permanent residence.

-Photocopy of their diploma, in which the exact degree should be indicated, certificate of professional competence (PEI), as well as the valid professional driving license of category DG (For candidates of the category of Drivers).

-Documents for proof of experience.

-Responsible statement that knowledge of the use of cutting tools - cutting trees (chainsaws), as well as hand mower

Optional unemployment certificate.

For more information, interested parties can contact the staff office (Anagnostou Nikolaos tel. 24243-50202) on working days and hours.


They took office in Skopelos

The employment of seven fire protection workers by the Municipality of Skopelos was signed. Their employment will last four months to meet urgent needs. The cost of their payroll will be borne by the budget of the Municipality, according to the current legislation. The relevant decision of the deputy mayor Aristides Voulgaris states that after the end of the four months, the employees must leave. Extension or conclusion of a new contract or conversion into an indefinite contract is invalid.

It is pointed out that the Ministry of Interior approved a fund of 16,9 million euros from the Central Independent Resources to cover the relevant actions in municipalities of the country.

With the above budget, the municipalities can carry out programs for the preventive cleaning of the vegetation in areas of special protection (groves, parks, camps, etc.) of their competence, the removal of the vegetation remnants acted by owners, prefectures, usurers and tenants. and other uncovered areas, within approved road plans and settlements, the execution of works and works of preventive cleaning of vegetation, etc.