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Premiere of itineraries on June 10

The ferry connection with Thessaloniki, which premieres on June 10, is a great expectation for an additional increase in the tourist traffic in the Northern Sporades.
For another year, the islands of the Northern Sporades will welcome visitors from Thessaloniki, Northern Greece and tourists who will have the opportunity to travel directly by speedboat.
The ferry connection of Thessaloniki with the Northern Sporades (Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos) starts on Friday, June 10, with departure time at 7 in the morning.
The journey to Skiathos will last three hours and 15 minutes, while respectively in Skopelos the ferry will arrive after a journey of 4 hours and in Alonissos in 4 hours and 25 minutes.
Up to four itineraries per week
From the start of the itineraries until July 3, there will be three itineraries, Monday, Friday and Saturday. Departure from the port of Thessaloniki will be at 07.00 in the morning while the return will be in the evening. From Monday, July 4, a fourth route is added, every Wednesday (until August 28). This line will run until September 11, 2022.
The itineraries will be carried out with the high-speed passenger / vehicle ferry Super Runner Jet of the shipping company SEAJETS and then they will be replaced by the Champion ship. The 100 m long Super Runner Jet will travel at 35 miles / hour and has a total capacity of 840 people and 140 vehicles.
It is recalled that during the period June - September 2021, 45.000 passengers were transported from Thessaloniki to the Sporades and 6.000 vehicles.
The prices
Regarding the prices, for the simple route, they have been determined as follows:
* For Skiathos, Economic position 36,70 euros / person, Distinguished 56,60 euros / person, Private car 83,30 euros
* For Skopelos, Financial position 40,30 euros / person, Distinguished 57,60 euros / person, Private car 98,40 euros
* For Alonissos, Financial position 48 euros / person, Distinguished 57,60 euros / person, IX 107,10 euros
It is noted that Seajets operates daily services from the port of Volos with the ship Sporades Star, the largest and fastest ship on the line with a capacity of over 1.000 passengers and 180 vehicles. Itineraries run every morning, starting from April 19.