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Unleaded Gasoline / At 2,20 euros per liter, its average price jumped

Fuel prices are evolving to government's efforts to curb inflation and to Golgotha ​​for consumers, which are already reaching € 2,205 per liter for petrol and € 1,890 per liter for diesel. The combination of the upward trend of the Brent price and the slide of the euro against the dollar anticipates further price increases, while the concerns of the relevant government staffs for possible speculation in view of the tourist season are evident, especially in the islands where prices are higher than today. minutes per liter from the national average.
The government's concerns were expressed at a meeting last Friday under the Minister of Development Adonis Georgiadis and the participation of refineries, trading companies and gas stations, with the market side making ominous forecasts for the development of prices, giving detailed data on the course of the price and of the Platts price which is the pricing basis for the refineries and the final pump price. In fact, according to information, the market side suggested to the minister as a measure to keep prices on the islands the extension of the VAT reduction to 17% from 24% in the small islands of the North Aegean.
The margin on the profit margin that has been imposed does not seem to be a bulwark in price increases, while the subsidies have no repercussions for consumers as they have already evaporated.
The average price of gasoline at the pump reached 16 euros / liter on May 2,205 from 2,075 euros / liter on April 26 when the Fuel Pass was applied, recording an increase of 6,2%. The increase is greater in 27 prefectures of the country where prices are above the national average and much higher on the islands. The average price in the Cyclades was on May 16 at 2,380 euros / liter and in the Dodecanese at 2,322 euros / liter.
With Brent oil hovering above $ 114 / barrel, gas station representatives estimate that from tomorrow the price will be more expensive by 4 cents / liter and the trend will continue to increase.
The Platts price of unleaded increased by 22,1% in euros or 19,2% in dollars during the same period, which from 1.079,25 dollars or 1.011,1 euros / metric ton on April 26 reached 1.286,75 USD or 1.234,6 EUR / metric ton on May 16.
Respectively, the refinery price increased by 8,4% and formed on May 16 at 1.692,67 euros / metric ton from 1.560,92 euros / metric ton on April 26.
The price of diesel from the Platts price up to the pump follows a smaller escalation. The average pump price reached 1,890 euros / liter on May 16 from 1,827 euros / liter on April 26, recording an increase of 3,4%. During the same period, the Platts price fell by 1,69% in dollars or increased by 0,69% in euros and reached $ 1.130,75 or 1.084,9 euros / metric ton on May 16 from $ 1.150,25 or 1.077,6 , 26 euros / metric ton on April 16. The refinery price reached 1.360,7 euros / metric ton on May 1.337,2 from 26 euros / metric ton on April 1,75, recording an increase of XNUMX%.
Chryssa Liaggou (THE DAILY)