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At 3E in Alonissos

God's fuel prices have gone up, with drivers in despair over the price of petrol, which is expected to become more expensive. In Alonissos there are… only 30 minutes left for the price to reach 3 euros, causing multiple strokes.

The prices are moving at a high level in Volos as well, with the lead being sold up to 2,30 euros and the gas station owners throwing "nails" talking about incomprehensible increases that are not justified by the prices that are formed internationally.

According to the gas sellers, the fuel now "bites" 1-2 minutes every day, with the result that the continuous increases in the fuel market have led the owners of vehicles to the decision to reduce their use only for the necessary transportation.

The fact that prices are stable above 2 euros causes a blackout in households.

"As the situation unfolds, there are points that are inexplicable. Someone is making a profit at the expense of gas station sellers and consumers. The controls must be intensified ", commented to TACHIDROMO the president of the Magnesia Gas Station Association Vasso Kontochristou.



Ms. Kontochristou appears particularly concerned, as if the increases continue, the consequences for the industry will be serious. Turnovers at most service stations are already significantly reduced, while there will also be an impact on tourism in view of the summer season.

"With increases in God… who will plan a road vacation? "You understand that the problem is multifactorial and the State must find the appropriate solutions," she added.