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Hellenic Seaways

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Green beaches: Three islands for diving in nature

The Greek islands are undoubtedly the first choice for summer vacations. 

The fact that the Greek coastline is endless, offers many options for all tastes to travelers and so you can choose a different destination each time depending on whether you need relaxation, nightlife, family atmosphere or adventure. Certainly some islands offer all of the above in combination. If, now, you want to find islands whose beaches are green and you can enjoy a lot of shade, the options are many. We have chosen and we present you three of them…

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Green beaches in Ithaca

Ithaca is the paradise of Odysseus but also of those who choose the Ionian Sea and see on this island its unique peace and beauty. Apart from the crystal clear and turquoise waters, what you will enjoy on this island are the beaches with a green landscape with beaches that offer natural shade. Ithaca is a small island that you turn easily but you want to leave it difficult. We definitely stand out from Ithaca the Horrors, an earthly paradise, a mythical destination that enchants the visitor.



The alternative island for holidays, Thassos, offers you holidays of relaxation and tranquility. The characteristic is that you not only enjoy crystal clear waters on beaches but the landscape is also of unique natural beauty due to the trees that touch the sea. If, that is, you do not want the model of the Cyclades for your holidays, then an island like Thassos, will excite you with the green that it has and the peace that it offers. The same category belongs to Samothrace. Saliara beach is one of the most famous beaches of Thassos and not unjustly. A test will convince you!



Another green surprise, in the Sporades this time is Alonissos. The green oasis of the Sporades leaves no one unmoved and you definitely plan to return there as soon as possible. To enjoy not only the clear waters but also the green on its beaches and therefore the unique natural shade. On this island you will find coves that offer you trees that reach the sea. Many of the beaches are organized with shelves and umbrellas but you will also find secluded that will offer you the necessary privacy and tranquility you are looking for.