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Informative actions in Skopelos for the rescue of the Mediterranean seal

Targeted actions for the rescue of the Mediterranean seal Monachus Monachus was the subject of a seminar, recently organized in Skopelos and in the hospitable areas of the Rigas Hotel Skopelos
It was an informative seminar, in the framework of the program "Conservation of the Mediterranean seal in the wider area of ​​the National Marine Park of Alonissos Northern Sporades".
The seminar was coordinated by MOM (Company for the Study and Protection of the Mediterranean Seal) in collaboration with the 1st Skopelos Naval Scout System and with members of the Wildlife Rescue Team.
During the seminar, very important information was announced regarding the ways and means of rescuing and treating the Mediterranean seal, especially newborns, until they are delivered to the appropriate facilities of Mom for further care.
After the informative seminar, it was given to the head of the System Th. Fadakis, as well as to the members of the scout rescue kit for sampling, treatment and research for the seal.
"It's the duty of all of us to protect these wonderful creatures. A simple way is our respect for the environment, but also the immediate provision of care, if we have the knowledge, when we meet a seal that needs help "was pointed out characteristically by the organizers of the informative seminar.
The "Rigas Hotel Skopelos" and the "Spyrou Skopelos Experience", always aware and with a chronic contribution to the protection of the environment in various ways, appeal to the inhabitants and visitors of the islands of the Northern Sporades to take care of their flora and fauna. In addition, it is necessary to turn to specialist caregivers in case they find any seals that need help.
The Mediterranean seal
The Mediterranean seal, emblematic for our sea, is a shy, coastal animal with a special love for underwater caves and secluded beaches, as it gives birth and suckles its young. 
Mediterranean seals lived in large colonies throughout the Mediterranean. This image is unfortunately rare today, as there are only about 600 animals left in the world.
It is the only fin that lives in Greece. Fins are fully adapted to life at sea, but, unlike cetaceans, they also spend time on land, especially to give birth and nurture their young.
The Mediterranean seal is one of the rarest mammals in Europe today. With sea fish being dramatically depleted, they are at risk of malnutrition. It is often trapped in fishing gear, where it can be injured and / or killed, and especially young seals - which have not yet learned to swim - can be fatally injured by "ghost nets" dumping on the seabed. Like all marine mammals, it is also endangered by marine pollution, boat nuisance and the climate crisis.