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Gasoline adulteration: Up to 80% turpentine

Incidents of fuel fraud are on the rise, with some service stations choosing to sell gasoline at a lower price, which can be up to 80% counterfeit.
Characteristic is the report of the show "Live News", where engineers in garages have discovered fuel in a car, where 20% was gasoline and 80%… turpentine!
According to the mechanical engineer George Karameris, such large-scale forgeries can cause significant damage to cars, at a time when the price of fuel is rising.
In fact, in the islands the price of gasoline has exceeded 2,50 euros, while the average price in the country is at 2,267 euros per liter, while last year the price was at 1,612 euros per liter.
Specifically, in a car repair shop visited by the camera of "Live News", two types of adulterated gasoline can be seen, which lately, with the prices soaring, have become a headache for a number of drivers.
Mr. Karameris shows the camera two bottles of gasoline that he emptied from cars and explains. On the one hand the adulterated unleaded with flammable materials that usually causes damage to the filters and the fuel pump and on the other hand, a case of forgery that is visible to the naked eye and causes problems even in the engine.
As the owner of the garage explains, new generation cars are much more sensitive to fuel quality and much more vulnerable. A series of cars that have arrived in the last few days at his garage, present the same damages that cost dearly and have a common denominator, fuel adulteration. The cunning gas station owners who try to increase their profit illegally, falsify either the quality or the quantity of the gasoline. Or both together. As a result, more liters to look at the pump and pay and more to have actually entered the tank. As the president of the Attica Petrol Dealers Association characteristically stated, 25% of those who were checked, were found to be making a profit at the expense of the drivers.
Prices are high
All this with the price of simple unleaded constantly increasing. In the islands, the situation has gone away with over 2,50 euros per liter with the relative five of the most expensive gasoline being gas stations in Kalymnos, Milos, Amorgos, Santorini and Rhodes.
To understand what happened in the last year and the last month with fuel prices, it is enough to see that last year at such a time, the average price of simple unleaded in the country was 1,612 euros per liter.
A month ago it was 2,073 and in the morning, it reached 2,267, at full speed for 2,50 euros within the next month.
    Lesvos (VAT 17%), € 2,17 - € 2,47
    Lemnos (VAT 24%), € 2,44 - € 2,58
    Samos (VAT 17%), € 2,148 - € 2,325
    Chios (VAT 17%), € 2,135 - € 2,298
    Ikaria (VAT 24%), € 2,43 - € 2,63
    Kos (VAT 17%), € 2,278 - € 2,485
    Leros (VAT 17%), € 2,32
    Rhodes (VAT 24%), € 2,25 - € 2,498