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'Gioldasis' Computers - Networks / Σκόπελος

Our Company based in Skopelos is active in the following sectors:

PC Technical Support


- Reinstall Windows Operating System (Format, back_up files)

- PC cleaning 

- Repair motherboard

-Supply plug replacement

Hard Disk Replacement

-Screen replacement


Network Technical Support


Installation of wireless networks / WI-FI

Wired Networks (LAN)


Mobile Phone Technical Support Mr. Tablet


Screen replacement 

Power plug replacement


Installation of security cameras

 One of the ways to monitor areas is installation of security cameras via CCTV or IP network and WiFi wireless cameras.


Business Hospitality


We undertake the promotion of your businesses on the internet





- Vehicle Rental Software (click here for detailed information)

We undertake the installation of 'Rent a Car' Vehicle Rental Software by Lexicon at unbeatable prices. Find out in detail by clicking on the title.

- Hotel Management Software (click here for detailed information)



- Business Management Software (click here for detailed information)

Moneyfest is a program for Commercial Management, Issuance of Documents, Clientele, Suppliers, Revenue - Expenses, Sellers, Receipts, Payments, Balances, fast data retrieval, zero training and adjustment time. It is aimed at those who do not know computer and want to do a job quickly and easily.


CONTACT: 6977825078, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need to enable JavaScript enabled to view it.